Frequently asked questions

No! While Checkology was created for educators to use with students, everyone is welcome to explore it. Click Register now to create a free Basic account, which provides access to four foundational lessons: “InfoZones,” “Democracy’s Watchdog,” “Misinformation” and “Practicing Quality Journalism” / “Practicando el periodismo de calidad.”

  • A laptop, desktop computer or tablet (Checkology is not optimized for smartphones).
  • An up-to-date operating system.
  • An up-to-date browser.
  • Enough network bandwidth to stream video.
  • Access to one of these streaming providers: Wistia, Vimeo or YouTube.

Checkology Basic is meant to be used with students in a one-to-many setting, using a projector or an interactive whiteboard. It is not designed for individual student use; Basic users cannot create student logins, capture and evaluate students’ work, or access content other than the four foundational lessons. Do not have students create Basic accounts — their progress will not be saved.

With a Checkology Premium account, educators have access to the complete lesson library and can create individual student logins for one-to-one delivery. Features include an evaluation and feedback tool for student assessment, exercises and challenges that expand on concepts and skills, and access to our Newsroom to Classroom program, through which educators can connect with NLP-vetted journalists for virtual or in-person Classroom Connections.

You can find blending strategies, discussion prompts, standards alignments and more in our Checkology Educator Center. Read our case studies to learn what it’s like to use Checkology in the classroom.

While social studies and ELA educators constitute the majority of Checkology users, the platform has been used in libraries, media centers, specialized civics and government courses, journalism and technology courses, science classes and more. News literacy education can be integrated into almost any subject area!

The News Literacy Project creates Checkology content to serve middle school and high school students, but the platform has been successfully used with students from fifth grade through community college, as well as with adult learners. Each lesson, challenge and exercise has a difficulty ranking meant to assist educators as they create a customized Checkology Experience for their students.

While the lessons, challenges and exercises are uniform, each has a difficulty ranking that can help you choose what you want to incorporate into your curriculum. You can also customize each class’s Checkology Experience, comprising a teacher-created Learning Sequence of lessons and activities and a custom collection of individually selected content in the Open Learning area.

Email with your name, your organization and role, and the number of student licenses desired, and we’ll get back to you within two business days.

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