What is Checkology?

Equipping students with valuable skills

The Checkology virtual classroom is a browser-based platform where middle school and high school students learn how to navigate today’s challenging information landscape by developing news literacy skills. Through its lessons, educators equip their students with tools to evaluate and interpret information and to determine what they can trust, share and act on.

Experts lead the way

Leading journalists, along with First Amendment and digital media experts, guide students through the platform’s interactive multimedia lessons. Featuring real-world examples from social media and news sites, these e-learning experiences resonate with students, test their understanding and lead them to mastery.

Students learn how to identify credible information, seek out reliable sources and know what to trust, what to dismiss and what to debunk. They also gain an understanding of the importance of the First Amendment in our democracy and in their own civic engagement.

Students learn how to
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“I have really loved all of the resources I’ve gained and the knowledge my students are walking away with ... and the skills that they’re able to apply to their own reading and consumption of media.”
Nicole Finnesand, high school teacher, Colton, South Dakota

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