Can you tell the difference between fact and fiction?

The Checkology® virtual classroom can help.

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Independent learners

I’m not a teacher, student or part of a school, but still want to be news literate.

Become news-literate

with Checkology: an e-learning platform

Anyone can learn to easily identify misinformation.

We are dealing with the most complex information landscape in human history — one in which truth, evidence and facts compete for attention with falsehoods, conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Education is the most effective approach for anyone to meet this challenge.

“One of the most important educational tools for our time.”

Mark Sullivan and Tim Bajarin

“I feel better informed about the happenings of the world and am prepared to become a voter.”

Daniela Rangel, ninth-grade student, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, Van Nuys, California

“It’s empowered me to be a better teacher of the material.”

Kelly Melendez Loaiza, science teacher, Mansfield High School, Mansfield, Massachusetts

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Make the world more news-literate!

A Future Founded on Facts

The News Literacy Project, a nonpartisan national education nonprofit, provides programs and resources for educators and the public to teach, learn and share the abilities needed to be smart, active consumers of news and information and equal and engaged participants in a democracy.

Our vision: News literacy is embedded in the American education experience, and people of all ages and backgrounds know how to identify credible news and other information, empowering them to have an equal opportunity to participate in the civic life of their communities and the country.