Checkology works.

After completing Checkology lessons during the 2021-22 school year:

0 in 10
72% of students recognized when a social media post does not provide credible evidence.
0 %
Three-fourths of students could correctly identify the five freedoms in the First Amendment.
2 x
More than 2x the number of students recognized examples of the press playing a watchdog role.*

*53% of students, as compared to 20% before using Checkology.

How do we measure these learning gains?

NLP contracts with an outside evaluation consultant to develop a pre-platform assessment and individual post-lesson assessments to measure student growth for specific learning objectives.

When students first log in to the platform, they will be prompted to begin the pre-platform assessment. Students will not see the results and are not scored.

At the end of every school year, NLP’s evaluation consultant prepares a report analyzing results. 

NLP also asks educators and students to complete evaluations to gather anecdotal feedback on their experience with the platform and its content.


Alysa Baltimore

Checkology helped Alysa see a future as a defense attorney. She said, “On the surface, Checkology may be viewed as simple lessons on finding quality articles, but it ultimately led me to developing a passion for equality, equity and justice.” 


Mirudulaa Suginathan Yamini

Mirudulaa spreads the word about news literacy to her middle school classmates, family and community.


Ande McMorris

Ande now understands the real-world impact of misinformation and his role in stopping it.


Colin Seeks

Colin better appreciates his First Amendment rights and the impact that his vote has in a democracy.

And teachers love it.

The News Literacy Project asks active Checkology teachers to fill out a feedback survey. During the 2021-22 school year:

0 %
Nearly all respondents indicated that their overall impression of Checkology is “good” or “excellent.”
0 %
Almost all respondents said Checkology is as good as or better than other e-learning tools they have used.
0 %
And almost all respondents “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that Checkology is successfully designed to improve students’ news literacy skills and habits of mind.


Brian Winkel

Winkel has used Checkology since 2017, when he adopted the platform for his 21st Century Literacy course. He says, “I do see a change with kids after they come up through this class. I feel like not only am I teaching this class; I’m training kids to make this democracy work.” 

Read and watch Brian’s story below.