What is Checkology?

Build news literacy skills

Checkology is a free e-learning platform with engaging, authoritative lessons on subjects like news media bias, misinformation, conspiratorial thinking and more.

Students develop the ability to identify credible information, seek out reliable sources and apply critical thinking skills to separate fact-based content from falsehoods.

Experts lead the way

Top journalists and experts guide students through Checkology’s interactive lessons.

Featuring real-world examples from social media and news sites, these engaging e-learning experiences resonate with students of all ages.

Checkology features
  1. Evaluation
    Educators can see and access all work that a student submits through our lightweight learning management system (LMS).
  2. Word Wall
    The Word Wall offers students quick access to a glossary of news literacy terms.
  3. Co-teachers
    Educators can assign a co-teacher to each section of students, enabling that teacher to also access and evaluate students’ work.
  4. Discuss Wall
    On this optional classroom discussion wall, students can respond to prompts created by their educator.
  5. Messaging
    Educators can send three types of messages to students within the platform: announcements, text-response and multiple choice.
Checkology features
What’s included
Learn how to
distinguish news from other types of information.
demonstrate a healthy skepticism toward information.
identify credible information and sources.
detect misinformation and faulty evidence.
positively contribute to the information landscape.
“I love the ability to choose the topics and sequence that best align with the standards I am teaching. The quality of the content is top-notch.”
Kim Gugino, teacher-librarian, Durham, North Carolina
For a future founded on facts