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I will be using Checkology with a school or group of students.


I will be using Checkology with my teacher.

Independent learners

I’m not a teacher, student or part of a school, but still want to be news-literate.

Your complete source for teaching news literacy

From the nation’s leading provider of news literacy resources

Checkology empowers students to identify credible information and understand the importance of a free press.

Become news-literate with Checkology.

News literacy is an essential life skill

Equip your students with the skills and knowledge they need to be informed, critical consumers of news and other content they encounter in our complex digital landscape.

Students who are news-literate make informed judgments about the credibility, accuracy and context of information. They learn to distinguish evidence and facts from rumors, viral hoaxes, conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Being well-informed about current events and the role of the news media in shaping public discourse is vital for students to be responsibly engaged in civic life.

“Every single student is engaged and empowered when we assign Checkology.”

Barry F., master teacher, high school humanities, Queens School of Inquiry, NYC

“Checkology is one of THE best resources I've used in 20 years of teaching.”

Beth H., business technology teacher, Negaunee High School, Michigan

“I wish this was mandatory for all schools across America. It is like a knife that cuts through ignorance/dis/misinformation!!”

Gregory R., social studies teacher, Westminster High School, Colorado

“The lesson goals and engaging content help this next generation become active citizens.”

Ward S., 9th grade English teacher, Tennyson High School, California

“I appreciated that my students were exposed to a diversity of experts from the field that expanded my students' understanding of the topics.”

Martin W., 8th grade English Language Arts teacher, Dayton School District #8, Oregon

“Thank goodness for sharp, smart content that speaks to middle school to college. Highly professional video content that really helps my students.”

Tanya D., assistant professor of English, Hawai’i Community College, Hawai’i

“I used this as a first-year teacher, and I found it really helpful that this kind of coursework was out there.”

Jessica C., 11th and 12th grade history, government and economics teacher, South Valley Academy, New Mexico

“I never realized that there were so many different types of misinformation, and this Checkology lesson made me more aware of what I see every day online.”

Carolina, 9th grade student, Wilmington, North Carolina

“One of the most important educational tools for our time.”

Mark Sullivan and Tim Bajarin

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For a future founded on facts

The News Literacy Project, a nonpartisan education nonprofit, is building a national movement to advance the practice of news literacy throughout American society, creating better informed, more engaged and more empowered individuals — and ultimately a stronger democracy.

Our vision: News literacy is an integral part of American life, and people of all ages and backgrounds know how to identify credible news and other information and understand the indispensable role a free press has in a democracy, empowering them to play a more equal and active role in the civic life of the country.